Mending In The Midst Of Your Mental Health Journey

Mending In The Midst Of Your Mental Health Journey

As someone who has struggled with their mental health their whole life, I’ve always been in the process of healing. Reshaping my thought patterns, speaking kind words over myself, learning coping mechanisms, etc. etc. But, aren’t we all constantly in a season of healing in one way or another? 

Our mental health journeys are all unique and not linear. There may be seasons that are tough and full of tears and panic and uncertainty. But there are also days full of hope and laughter and encouragement and happiness. Even if those bright days aren’t today — know they are coming, friend.

Where I see beauty is in the midst of the healing. When someone rests when they need rest. When someone advocates for themselves within our healthcare system. When someone asks for help. This ‘in between’ is when we mend. When we are honest and transparent about our journeys — that is when others mend, just by being a witness of our resilience! 

Mending is the action of healing. Mending is done together, never alone. We need each other! If you’re in the midst of a dark time, please know you are never, ever alone. If you’re in a place where you don’t have hope right now — I’ll hope for you. Because there is hope! I promise, good things are coming. Reach out for help. It is never, ever a sign of weakness…but of admirable strength.

Mend is an extension of me — truly a passion project that has turned into something bigger than I could’ve ever imagined. My hope is for this lip balm, a little vessel of hope, to end up in the right hands at the right time.

No matter where you’re at in your mental health journey — know there is hope. Know there is help if you need help. Know that mending is messy and uncertain and nonlinear — but it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for being on this journey with me.

All my love – Rachel



Rachel Parrett

Rachel is the founder of Mend Lip Balm and lives in Fort Worth, TX. As a mental health advocate, she finds a lot of joy in educating those around her about resources available to them. In her free time she loves to read, attend her adult swim league practices, and go to concerts.


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